United Biomass Group

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United Biomass Group

Find out about our Services

United Biomass Group

Find out about our Services

United Biomass Group

Find out about our Services

United Biomass Group

Find out about our Services

United Biomass Group

Find out about our Services

United biomass group

About Us

United Biomass Group Ltd offers sustainable procurement of biomass for the energy, heat, industrial and small-scale market.


UBG is a private limited Company established 2019 with headoffice in the UK.

The company is owned by group members and individual investors. The financial, administrative and legal support is rendered by group member Standard Metal Trading Limited. Standard Metal Trading Limited have been active in commodity trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals since 2015


What We Can Do For You

UBG provides a wide range of biomass/renewable fuels with full supply chain management including global sourcing, logistic, financing, risk management, quality, certification and traceability/legality control.
Our key staff have extensive experience from the financial, shipping, trading and biomass markets and through group associated companies operates warehouse, multimodal systems and pure bulk transport by own or chartered vessels.
We participate in joint venture investment projects and can offer feasibility studies and consultancy services for biomass producers and other stakeholders in the biomass/renewable energy sector.

The UBG portfolio is headed by CCO Kjell Levihn who has over 30 years’ experience in various
management positions within the mining, trading and shipping industries. Between 2008-2019 he was
responsible for the global fuel procurement of approximately 1.5 million tons per year of solid
biomass to the Stockholm Exergi / Fortum district heating system in Stockholm.

united biomass group



Through our dedicated team utilizing our expertise and global network we contribute to economical, ecological and social sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Together with our suppliers, clients and associates we work firmly towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

united biomass group



UBG is FSC® Chain of Custody Certified:



UBG is SBP-certified and our biomass comes with an SBP claim and is accompanied by verified energy data, from biomass producer to end-user, allowing carbon emissions calculations to be made.





We offer the full range of commonly traded biomass fuels

The fuel will be delivered in accordance with agreed delivery terms, schedule and in shipment sizes from individual truckloads, container or pure bulk shipments ranging from coastal (3-5000mt) upto full panamax / woodchipcarrier sized vessel (20-40.000mt).

Industrial woodpellets

NCV approx. 4,7mwh/mt
Ash less than 1,5%
Density abt 630kg/m3
Diam: 6-10 ( typical 8mm)
Packing: in bulk ( or bigbags on request)

Certification : FSC CW or FSC Mix or FSC 100%

Premium Residential Woodpellets

NCV approx.. 4,8mwh/mt
Ash less than 0,6%
Density abt 650kg/mt
Diam: 6 or 8mm
Packing: in bulk (or bigbags/15kgs bags on request)

Certification : FSC CW or FSC Mix or FSC 100%


Chips derived from whole tree/ roundlogs , harvest residues (branches and tops), fruit tree pruning, sanitary cuttings and residues from the wood processing industry.

Waste wood / recycled wood/ SRF

EN ISO 17225 Category A,B and C , EWC 191207 

Crushed or chipped from non hazardous demolitionwood , pallets etc

Olivecake Biomass

NCV approx.. 4,5mwh/mt
Ash 4-8% ( depending on grade/origin)
Moisture : 13-18%
Packing: in bulk

Olivecake Pellets

NCV approx.. 4,7mwh/mt
Ash : as above
Moisture: abt 8%
Diam: 6 or 8mm
Packing: in bulk

Olive Stone

NCV approx.. 4,8mwh/mt
Ash : 1,5-5% ( depending on grade/origin)
Moisture: 12-18%
Diam: Crushed
Packing: in bulk

united biomass group


We operate a truly global sourcing of biomass, renewable/recycled fuels and pulp chips.
The supply chain stretches from sustainable plantations and forests in Europe, Russia, N and S America , Africa and Asia, through the processing and transportation for delivery to the European heat, power, industrial and consumer market.

united biomass group


At UBG we have our own logistics team taking care of the daily operational issues.
We lean on the strong support of group member Seafreight Plc, UK for vessel chartering and operations. Seafreight have been a major player in the shipping market for the past 20 years and operate a fleet of owned or chartered vessels ranging from 5.000 up to 70.000 dwt.


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tel : +4420 8658 5988 

Director (Logistics)

Kourosh Tabrizi


Mob : +447932101109

UNited BIOMASS Group Ltd

Address: Provident house, burrell Row, Beckenham, br3 1at

EORI no: GB328232809000

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